Its time for you all to stop the activist, alarmist and socialist nonsense and revisit the science.

The energy organizations are reacting to reality about what their real job is… to provide uninterrupted inexpensive power to propel our prosperity and forget all the foolish NetZero journey.

We legislate and tax the energy sector enough already, so leave them alone and if you want something back invest in them, as we need the energy sector to flourish for our national prosperity.

We need to stop misleading the general public with unsubstantiated scare campaigns.

Of course pollution is always an improvement journey to continue, but get used to the facts ……the climate is changing, and its natural, its mainly good news, and its not us!

I thought you should review this package of information..

Its now clear we are at critical mass of scientific dispute that we have any kind of climate emergency.

We at Clintel have released a peer reviewed declaration by almost 2000 scientists that we do not have a climate emergency.

In my recent Brainsmagazine article I mention 3 powerful scientific alternatives to the IPCC that has now shown itself to be more political than scientific.


We now have many scientists ready to argue with the IPCC reports….

Here is a presentation of a letter they have sent to IPCC

Clintel Assessment of IPCC Reports - YouTube

We are now releasing a documentary that is getting viewed by our political organizations.

The Intent is to reverse the foolish NetZero journey .

A Climate Conversation - YouTube

I think the expression is.. the jig is up for the IPCC…. And the activists also.

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