Carolyn (and anyone thinking along similar lines), thanks so much for asking -- and yes, feel free to block and copy if that's the only way to amplify our material when you want to. A couple of suggestions:

* Do try to share the links first, as you normally would.

* If that doesn't work, I would suggest sharing the first two or three or four paragraphs in your private post (or just the lead paragraph on TwitterX), then embedding a link for anyone who wants to read the whole post. That will make for a much more inviting, less daunting social media post for anyone who wants to see it!

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Because FB and X no longer allow us to share links to items we want to promote, may I do a copy and paste with credit to you on my FB page? I do not want to breach copywrite laws but the way this weekender is phrased says it all. We are caught in the dilemma of requiring fossil fuels to power the aircraft fighting the forest fires, and the vehicles required to move people away from harm as evacuation orders are made, that I do not know how we will ever in this epoc avoid requiring fossil fuels. I suspect we are closer to extinction than we appreciate, but we still need to bend our minds around a return to sailing ships and horse-drawn carriages if some portion of humanity is to survive.

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