Sitemap - 2023 - The Energy Mix Weekender

100 Hours of Climate News Set the Agenda for 2024

Fossil Phaseout Language Has Oil Lobby in Panic Mode

How Does a Fossil Fuel CEO Deliver a Win at COP28?

Everyone, Everywhere, All At Once (Again)

Time to Deliver: What Makes a UN Climate Conference Worth Holding?

Affordable Energy is the Winning Argument to Keep Federal Climate Policy Intact

Justin Trudeau: The Speech He Never Gave

Climate Tipping Points

Time to Seize the Narrative

Agony in Israel, Gaza Shows Our Deep Interdependence—In Ground Wars and Climate Crisis

Fossil Investors Beware: Here Come the Lawyers

Clean Electricity Bully: Alberta Fakes a Crisis to Pick a Fight with Ottawa

Climate Changes Everything. And Climate Journalism Creates Change.

Lessons from Tupperware Bring Climate Messaging to the Mainstream

Everyone, Everywhere, All At Once

Don't Let Climate Grief Defeat Climate Solutions

Prigozhin Mutiny Against Moscow Traced Back to Oil and Gas Profits

Would You Buy a Used Energy Strategy from This Guy?

Playing Poker with Power Plants

Greenwashed Aviation Fuels Vie to Fly the Fitful Skies

#TBT - The Biggest Climate Scam: Promising a Breakthrough with 'Abated' Breath

Fossil Fuel Subsidies: Time to Stop ‘Paying Oil Companies to Cook Us’

In the Shift Off Fossil Fuels, Money Talks

The Chilling Question About This Week’s Record Heat Wave

Wagner Group Mutiny Against Moscow Traces Back to Oil and Gas Profits

Doomed Titan Submersible Was Showpiece for Deep Sea Oil Industry

Climate Solutions Are Gaining Ground. Now It’s Time to Scale Up.

Canada Burns

THE BIGGEST LOSER: Alberta Election Result Sets Smith's UCP Up for a Fall

Fossil Investors Beware: Here Come the Lawyers

The Biggest Climate Scam: Promising a Breakthrough with 'Abated' Breath

Canadians Have Fossil Industry on the Defensive

Tackling Energy Poverty Can Help Tackle Raging Populism. Has Ottawa Got the Memo?

Earth Day Founder Denis Hayes: ‘Let's Get Out There and Fight for This’

Royal Bank’s World-Leading Fossil Investments Put Spin Over Science

Here’s Why Fossil Fuel Projects Are Too Big to Succeed

April Fuels’ Day 2035: Fossils Seek More ‘Clarity’ Before Investing in Carbon Capture

Will Freeland’s Clean Industrial Strategy Deliver the Best Bang for the Buck?

The IPCC May Deliver Scary News This Week. But Climate Chaos is Not Inevitable.

‘Fake It ‘Til You Make It’ Won’t Cut It on Climate

Communities Need the Energy Transition. The Transition Needs Community Buy-In.

Here’s How Alberta Wins in the Shift Off Carbon

I’m Not a Scientist, Either. I Still Understand Climate Science.

'Spending What It Takes' Would Put Canada on Net-Zero Path

With Profits So Obscene, How Can This Be Oil’s Last Gasp?

‘Reckless, Spiteful’ Pipeline Project May Stumble on Failing Gas Markets

'Revolving Door' with Fossils Has Pension Plans Falling Behind on Net-Zero

A Fossil CEO Will Chair This Year’s COP. What Could Go Wrong?

This is the Year that Climate Action Turns the Corner