Sitemap - 2024 - The Energy Mix Weekender

A Least-Cost Energy Strategy Sounds Boring. Or Wonky. But It Could Be All of Everything.

What Now? What's Next?

Zero Corporate Responsibility

Coming Soon: It’s Game Over for Big Oil

Climate Survivors on Parliament Hill: Can a Least-Cost Strategy Bring Conservatives Onboard?

With Polarization Running Wild, Let’s Restart the Climate Conversation from the Ground Up

18% of Canadians Are Boycotting Loblaws. Where’s the Pressure Point on Climate Change?

Canadians Aren’t Listening to Climate Messaging? Maybe It’s Time to Listen Back.

‘Hopeless, Broken’ Climate Scientists Deliver a Call to Action for Everyone

Plastics Treaty Talks Sideline Youth Voices as Countries ‘Negotiate Our Future’

On Chornobyl Anniversary, Time to Celebrate Canada’s Not-the-Nuclear Lobby

Ottawa Can’t Deliver on Housing, Climate Without Everyone Onboard

Ottawa Can Confront the Cost of Living Crisis through a Climate Lens

Can A Bank Change?

You Don’t Want to Read It. I Don’t Want to Write It. Why Are We Talking About the Carbon Tax Again?

Oil Execs Drink Their Own Kool-Aid, Talk Down the ‘Fantasy’ of Fast Energy Transition

Put Up or Shut Up

The Performative Art of Climate Politics

Efficiency and Renewables? LNG and Coal Exports? B.C. Should Be Able to Pick a Lane

China’s Peak Oil Demand Bombshell Eviscerates Danielle Smith’s Energy Strategy

On Highway Emissions, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Fossil Fuel Advertising Gets Its Tobacco Moment

Bill McKibben in Ottawa: Off-the-Charts Urgency and the ‘Rocking Chair Rebellion’

See the Win, Take the Win

This is the Year We’ve Been Training For

It’s Always About the Money

The 2024 To-Do List: Climate Transition at a Fork in the Road